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  • The active participation of all employees under the leadership and management, which comply with national and international standards, providing quality products and services.

  • Customer demand, perform timely and accurate. Doing it right first time, to avoid wastage of resources and time.

  • Develop human resources and potential, office, factory and construction sites to protect the natural environment in all our activities carried out.

  • Offices, factories and shipyards, required activities, occupational health and safety rules to ensure full implementation.

  • Quality Management System continuously to improve and develop.

  • To undertake to comply with all requirements of the customer or employer.


HEALTH, SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION” studies which were also determined as fundamental principles in the Quality Policy of ASKAY EMIRATES Management has prominent status. In order to provide qualified product and services in compliance with the identified requirements of National and International Standards; our HSE Policy is to ensure; Preventing the damage to happen to humans, by taking all kinds of legal precautions relating with the business life (healthy life); removing the accidents (Working without occupational accident but in safety); not to give any damage to the environment (Protecting the natural environment in a best way). In order to achieve this policy; our commitments are;


  • Providing OHS trainings given by an OHS Specialist to our employees and sub-contractors by accepting that any work is not urgent and important than conducting it without safety but should be conducted with a HSE consciousness and to gain this awareness to our employees and sub-contractors,

  • Realizing periodical controls in our factory and sites by an OHS Specialist, detecting our shortcomings on-site and removing them, providing a safer work environment to our employees and to achieve our HSE expectations,

  • Bu using the energy in an optimum way for protecting the natural environment, to give away our domestic and metallic wastes to the proper places to be recycled in a controlled manner,

  • And giving motivating rewards to our employees in order to provide effectiveness among our HSE employees.


All the employees of ASKAY EMIRATES are responsible from the protection of “HEALTH, SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENT”. Auditing of this policy shall be realized by Quality Assurance and Control Manager of ASKAY EMIRATES and by our OHS Specialist. Our Company objective shall be; Providing to constantly conduct of our activities related to HSE and to audit them.

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